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Anthology of New English Poetry. First appearance of Lawrence's verses in Russian.

Anthology of New English Poetry. First appearance of Lawrence's verses in Russian.

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English literature / Poetry / Translations
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[Anthology of New English Poetry]. Antologiya Novoy Angliyskoi Poezii. 

Preface and comments by M. Gutner.
[Prepared by D. Mirsky].
Book design by A. Leo.

Leningrad, Khudozhestvennaya literatura, 1937.
8vo, 453, [2] pp.

In publisher’s hardcover.
Near very good condition. Without dust jacket as issued. 

One of 5 300 copies printed.
Most likely, these is the first appearance of Lawrence's verses in Russian.

The book was signed for printing on November 21, 1937.
This book is still considered the best anthology in Russian of English poetry from the mid-Victorian period of the 1930s.
The true compiler of the anthology was the political and literary historian Prince Dmitry Svyatopolk-Mirsky (1890-1939), who was arrested on June 3, 1937, and died in prison. He assembled an outstanding team of translators and drew upon all the knowledge he had amassed about English poetry. Mirsky's biographer, G.S. Smith, noted: 'The translators Mirsky used in his anthology were all based in Leningrad, and he initiated the project during a visit there in September 1935. The finished anthology was in the process of publication when Mirsky was arrested. To preserve the endeavor, his name was completely removed from the book and replaced by that of M. Gutner, one of his team of translators. Gunter, a young scholar who perished, succumbing to starvation during the Second World War, became immortal through this deception' (Smith, G.S. D.S. Mirsky: A Russian-English Life, 1890-1939. Oxford University Press, 2000).
The collection comprises verses from 53 authors, including William Morris, Wystan Hugh Auden, Robert Louis Stevenson, Oscar Wilde, Rudyard Kipling, William Butler Yeats, James Joyce, Gilbert Keith Chesterton, David Herbert Lawrence, Thomas Stearns Eliot, Richard Aldington, and many others. Dorothy Galton, the secretary of SSEES, provided the raw materials for the book.
According to one version, the translations of D.H. Lawrence's works were prepared by Mirsky himself (with no indication of the translator's name). In another version, the translator of two poems—'Embankment at Night Before the War' and 'Snake'—was Valentin Stenich (Smetanich; 1898-1939). On November 14, 1937, he was arrested and subsequently executed.
Joseph Brodsky mentioned that the anthology became 'the main source' of English poetry for him.

OCLC locates four copies in US libraries and only one copy in UK (in the University of Oxford Libraries).

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