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Harte, Bret

Cressy. First and only edition of this translation.

Cressy. First and only edition of this translation.

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American literature / Boston Book Fair 2023 / Translations
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Harte, Bret [Cressy]. Devushka iz Kentukki (Kressi Mak-Kinstri).

Translation from English by S. Arefin.
Cover by Boris Titov.

Leningrad, Moskva, Izd-vo “Puchina”, 1925.
12mo, 201 pp., [6]

In publisher’s decorative wrappers. Uncut.
In good condition, light overall wear and soil to wrappers, minor losses to cover extremities, small tears to cover and some pages.

First and only edition of this translation. One of 6 000 copies published. 

Russian readers first encountered Bret Harte's stories and essays in 1873. It's interesting that Nikolay Chernyshevsky, a journalist, novelist, and leading theoretician of Russian nihilism and Narodniks, translated Harte's story Miggls while he was in exile in Siberia. These works swiftly garnered immense popularity among Russian audiences. The translations of his literary contributions, including his collection of works, continued to be published regularly until 1917.
The first Russian translation of 'Cressy' emerged in 1890 within the compilation titled 'Foreign Fiction Writers', a mere year after the release of the novel's original version.
The first Soviet translation became this translation of 'Cressy' published in 1925, finding its way into print through a small private publishing house. This publishing practice persisted until the early 1930s when all publishing houses came under state control.
Despite the numerous shifts in Soviet domestic policy, Harte's books persevered in their publication journey, enduring until the conclusion of the regime and beyond. The renowned Russian rock opera 'Juno and Avos' (1981), composed by Alexey Rybnikov with poetic contributions from Andrei Voznesensky, drew partial inspiration from Harte's ballad 'Conception de Arguello' (1800). In 1966 when Harte's complete collection of works was released, encompassing a fresh translation of 'Cressy' within its fourth volume.
This translation was crafted by Sergey Arefin (1879-?), renowned as a writer, journalist, and translator.

Libman. #1889.

We couldn’t trace any copy of the edtion in the USA via OCLC. There is one copy in the Designmuseum Denmark Library.  

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