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Lopatin, Nikolai

Victory over the Water Space. Treasure Hunting Adventures for Children

Victory over the Water Space. Treasure Hunting Adventures for Children

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Children books / Illustrated covers
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Lopatin, N. [Victory over the Water Space]. Pobeda nad Vodnym Prostranstvom.

Series Biblioteka 'Put' k znaniu'. Tekhnika.

Moskva-Leningrad, Moskovskii rabochii, 1926.
8vo, 47 pp., ill.

In wrappers, only the original front cover is preserved, while the back cover is new.
Wrappers very faintly spotted and lightly rubbed.

A popular children's edition about rivers, canals, and ships, enriched with photographs and photomontages, featuring stories such as the SS Leviathan and photographs of semidreadnoughts like the Lord Nelson and South Carolina-class battleships. 
One of the standout stories is about the Special Expedition for Underwater Works, established by the GPU, aimed at salvaging valuable cargo and equipment from sunken ships. One notable quest was to find the HMS Prince, lost in a storm off Balaklava in November 1854 during the Crimean War. Rumors suggested the vessel carried a cargo of solid gold, but the expedition failed to find any treasures, as the remains of the HMS Prince were only discovered in 2010, with no traces of the rumored treasures.
Nikolai Lopatin (1898-1962) compiled a series of popular science books for youths, which included volumes illustrated with photographs or photomontages.

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