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S.M. Kirov in Children's Drawings. First and only edition.

S.M. Kirov in Children's Drawings. First and only edition.

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Boston Book Fair 2023 / Children books / Illustrated books
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[S.M. Kirov in Children's Drawings]. S.M. Kirov v Risunkakh Detei.

Preface by S. Marshak and N. Tyrsa.
Designed by A. Leo.

[Leningrad], OGIZ-IZOGIZ, 1935.
Oblong 8vo, 14, [1] pp. (text), [26] pp.ill.

In original pictorial wrappers.
Near good condition, rebacked, wrappers worn, with chipping to wrappers edges, small tears to spine and cover, faintly water-stained to lower edge of front cover, with small repair to front and back cover edges.

First and only edition.

Sergei Kirov, the leader of the Leningrad party organization, a member of the Politburo, the Orgburo, and the secretary of the Central Committee of the All-Union Communist Party of Bolsheviks, was assassinated on December 1, 1934, in Smolny. His murderer, Leonid Nikolaev, was arrested and executed. This event served as a pretext for Stalin to implicate former oppositionists, namely Grigori Zinoviev, Lev Kamenev, and their supporters, in Kirov's murder. Subsequently, Kirov's death was exploited by Stalin to justify the intensification of political repression during the period known as the Great Purge. The circumstances surrounding Kirov's assassination remain controversial and unresolved, giving rise to various theories. The funeral of Kirov was a grand event, reminiscent of a military parade and May Day demonstration. It commenced in Leningrad and continued with a procession of his body to Moscow, where his ashes were laid to rest in the Kremlin Wall necropolis.
Kirov's funeral marked a significant event where a large number of children actively participated, comparable only to Lenin's funeral in terms of scale and significance. It is important to note that children in the Soviet Union were actively engaged in political life due to the influence of propaganda education and the concept of shaping the "New Soviet Man". As a result, the assassination of Kirov had a profound impact on children as well.
This book, which was published the year following Kirov's death, is dedicated to children's drawings depicting Sergei Kirov and his funeral. It is intriguing that these drawings depict not only Kirov's funeral but also scenes capturing the Soviet people's shock upon hearing the news of his death. Additionally, there are drawings portraying Kirov surrounded by pioneers and even depicting him during his childhood. These drawings, created using various techniques, were exhibited at the Leningrad House of Artistic Education for Children. Accompanying the pictures are texts written by Samuil Marshak, known as "the founder of Russia's children's literature," and professional comments by the painter Nikolay Tyrsa. Despite being created by children rather than professional artists, Tyrsa provided insightful commentary on these children's drawings. Furthermore, Marshak referred to these children as "artists who emotionally experience reality."
It should be noted that after Kirov's death, several books emerged that focused on his role in various aspects of Soviet life, such as "Kirov in the Struggle for Oil" (also 1935), "Kirov in Poetry," "Kirov in Fiction Literature," "Kirov in Fine Art," "Kirov in Folk Art," "Kirov in Azerbaijan" and so on. The artistic works and books about Kirov continued to be published even after Stalin's death.

We couldn't trace any copy in the USA via OCLC. There is one copy in the International Institute of Social History (Amsterdam). 

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