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Bogat, A.

Women Fighters of the Red Army. Rare.

Women Fighters of the Red Army. Rare.

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Illustrated covers / War / Women
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Bogat, Aleksandra [Women Fighters of the Red Army]. Zhenshchiny-Boitsy Krasnoi Armii.

Series Bibliotechka kultpokhoda.

Moskva-Leningrad, GIZ, 1930.
8vo, 45, [3] pp., ill.

In original wrappers with portrait.
Near very good condition. Small tear to back cover.

Second edition.

This book was compiled by Aleksandra Bogat (1898-?), also known as the Cavalry Maiden, who served as the head of intelligence in the 21st Cavalry Regiment of the 1st Cavalry Army, famously referred to as Budyonny's Cavalry Army. Unfortunately, little is known about the author's later life, except that she authored several feminist brochures and books.
In 1917, during the Great War, Russian women were granted the opportunity to participate in the war as soldiers rather than solely serving as nurses. The Provisional Government permitted the formation of separate women's battalions. During the Civil War, the new authorities abolished previous restrictions and allowed women to join the army as soldiers. This book presents the experiences of these women, shedding light on their stories for the first time in Russia. Due to censorship, accounts of women's battalions during the Great War were not published in Russia until the end of the 20th century.
Additionally, the book includes the story of Paraskovia Gedymin, a Khakas (referred to as Buryat in the book), who became the first representative of the Khakass Autonomous Region under the Presidium of the All-Russian Central Executive Committee (1930-1933).

OCLC locates two copies of this edition: in the Harvard Library and the University of Chicago Library.

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