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Calculus of Variations. Kantorovich’s first book.

Calculus of Variations. Kantorovich’s first book.

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First edition / Leonid Kantorovich / Mathematics / Nobel Prize
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Smirnov V., Krylov I., Kantorovich L. [Calculus of Variations]. Variatsionnoe Ischislenie.

Moskva, KUBUCH, 1933.
8vo, 204 pp.

In original hardcover.
In good condition, light wear to edges.

One of 5 200 copies published.

Leonid Kantorovich (1912-1986), a prominent Russian mathematician and economist, authored several chapters and compiled this guide for students of the math and physics faculties at Leningrad State University. Remarkably, he was only twenty-one years old in 1933. Having entered the university at the age of 14, he swiftly ascended the academic ranks, becoming a professor at twenty and achieving full professorship at Leningrad State University by the age of twenty-two.

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