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Doszhanov, Dukenbai

The Little Jockey. Kazakh stories.

The Little Jockey. Kazakh stories.

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Boston Book Fair 2023 / Children books / Illustrated books
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Doszhanov, Dukenbai The Little Jockey.

Translated by Janette C. Butler.
Illustrated by V. Shulzhenko.

Moscow, Progress Publishers, 1979.
8vo, 18, [6] pp., ill.

In original pictorial wrappers. Issued without title page.
Near very good condition, light wear to spine.

This book, comprising two stories, was written by Dukenbai Doszhanov (1942-2013), a Kazakh writer, journalist, and editor. Probably, it was first published in Russian in 1974.
The first story, 'Good Old Granddad Beknur', follows a young man on a journey across the vast steppe. Along the way, he stops at a solitary yurt and encounters an old shepherd whom he remembers from his childhood. The story concludes with the poignant realization that there is nothing more precious to a person than their homeland and the countryside.
In the second story, 'The Little Jockey', we delve into the protagonist's childhood. Dalabai, who has been racing horses since the tender age of six, is now ten years old and entrusted with riding Kerkiik to defend the honor of the entire district of Karatau. Dalabai embarks on the race of his life, determined to prove himself worthy of his esteemed ancestors. Ultimately, he earns the admiration of his father, who proudly declares, 'You are a worthy son of your great forefathers!'
In 1979, the story was translated into English and Spanish and released for distribution abroad. The illustrations for these international editions were created by Vasily Shulzhenko (born 1949), an artist known for his work in the genre of figurative painting, particularly in the style of grotesque realism. Shulzhenko graduated from Moscow Polygraphic Institute in 1973 and has since participated in numerous exhibitions both domestically and internationally.

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