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Faces of the Amur. Birthday gift to the archaeologist Okladnikov.

Faces of the Amur. Birthday gift to the archaeologist Okladnikov.

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Faces of the Amur.

[Compared and issued by M. Brilliant and E. Bol’shakov].

[Leningrad?], [1979].
4to, [70] pp., photos.

In pictorial white cloth and box. Photos mounted on the pages, manuscript text.
In good condition, small stains, cracks present in two photos, some of the photos are detaching from the pages.

This unique book was a birthday gift from colleagues to the archaeologist and ethnographer, and full member of the Academy of Sciences of the USSR, Alexey Okladnikov (1908-1981). Renowned for his expertise in the ancient cultures and history of Siberia, the Far East, and Mongolia, Okladnikov made numerous significant discoveries throughout his career. Notable among these were the unearthing of the first Neanderthal remains in the USSR at Teshik Tash (Uzbekistan) and the discovery of unique figurines at the Upper Palaeolithic site of Buret' in the Angara River basin (Eastern Siberia).
The book features a brief biography of Okladnikov along with photos from archaeological sites in the Angara Valley and various expeditions along the Amur River. Some of these photos were sourced from Okladnikov's book 'Ancient Art of the Amur Region' (1981), showcasing petroglyphs in the provinces of Lower Amur and Ussuri, primitive sculptures, shamanic figures, amulets, clothing, jewelry, and a plethora of other artifacts. The final group photo, depicting individuals in traditional costumes, was captured in the Mongolian People's Republic.

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