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Japanese Language Reference Book. Rare wartime Japanese kids almanac.

Japanese Language Reference Book. Rare wartime Japanese kids almanac.

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Children books / Japan / War
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[Yontei Kokugo Kanbun Sankō Zuroku / Japanese Language Reference Book. Fourth revise]. 四訂 國語漢文參考圖錄.

Prepared by 藤村 作 [Fujimura Tsukuru], 小野 教孝 [Ono Noritaka ].
Preface by 藤村 作 [Fujimura Tsukuru].

東京 [Tokyo], 右文書院 [Yūbunshoin], 昭和16年 [1942].
8vo,[4], 83, 15 pp., ill.

In original wrappers.
Near good condition, tears, stains to cover and pages, owner’s marks to back cover.

Rare wartime Japanese kids almanac. One of 20 000 copies printed.

This illustrated "book of everything" provides diverse information about Japanese history, nature, art, architecture, and many other topics. For instance, it features images of men's and women's clothing types and styles (including Western fashion), hairstyles, accessories, step-by-step instructions on putting on samurai armor, weapons, gods and goddesses (including the Statue of Liberty), Japanese toys, painting, musical instruments and dances, modes of transportation, events, furniture and décor, animals and birds (including mythological creatures), insects and fish, plants, and more.
Only the images of uniforms and Japanese battleships serve as reminders of the wartime era. Notably, there are photographs of the battleship "Ise," cruiser "Kako" (struck in 1942), submarine I-1, and the ocean liner "Asama Maru" (damaged in 1944).
Each item is accompanied by kanji characters and furigana, a Japanese reading aid consisting of syllabic characters printed next to the kanji. The use of furigana alongside kanji characters remains a common practice in works intended for young children to this day.

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