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Kantorovich, Leonid

The Best Uses of Economic Resources. Signed by the Nobel prize laureate.

The Best Uses of Economic Resources. Signed by the Nobel prize laureate.

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Economics / First edition / Leonid Kantorovich / Nobel Prize / Signed
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Kantorovich, L.V. [The Best Uses of Economic Resources]. Ekonomicheskii Raschet Nailuchshego Ispolzovaniia Resursov.

Moskva, AN SSSR, 1959.
8vo, 344 pp., errata p.

In original binding.
In very good condition, lightly rubbed to edges, small loss at cover.

Signed and inscribed by the author on fly-leaf: "Stanislavu Gustavovichu / Strumilinu / S iskrennim / uvazheniem / Ot avtora" [To Stanislav Gustavovich Strumilin with sincere respect from author].

Books signed by the Soviet Nobel laureates are very rare. First edition. Association copy. One of 3 000 copies printed.

The book was signed to Stanislav Strumilin (1877-1974), a government official and economist, author of the "Strumilin index", and a measure of labor productivity.
Leonid Kantorovich (1912-1986) was a prominent Russian mathematician and economist. In 1975 Leonid Kantorovich (1912-1986) and Tjalling C. Koopmans jointly won the Nobel Memorial Prize in Economic Sciences for their contributions to the theory of the optimum allocation of resources.
In this work, Kantorovich developed his method of linear programming which he first made public in 1939. Kantorovich started as a great mathematician but interested in economics since 1939. He wrote this book in 1942 but it stayed unpublished. His conclusions about the role of prices in the planned economy were dangerous for his academic career and possibly life in the Stalin era. So he returned to math after WWII and worked in the Soviet nuclear project. After Stalin's death, the role of the economy in the USSR was revised. In 1958 Kantorovich founded the first faculty for mathematical economics in Russia and in 1959 he published this work for the first time.

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