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Loris-Melikov, Mikhail

On the 'Malygin' in Polar Ice. Rosicrucian in polar expedition.

On the 'Malygin' in Polar Ice. Rosicrucian in polar expedition.

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Illustrated covers / Mindlin's archive / Polar expeditions / Travel & Exploration
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Loris-Melikov, M.A. [On the 'Malygin' in Polar Ice]. Na 'Malygine' v Polyarnych L'dach.

Leningrad, Krasnaya Gazeta, 1928.
8vo, 62 pp., ill.

In original pictorial wrappers.
In good condition, light wear to wrapper edges, cracks to spine, stains to back cover.

One of 10 000 copies published.

In 1928, Mikhail Loris-Melikov (1905-1936) served as a meteorologist aboard the icebreaker Malygin during the rescue operation of Umberto Nobile's dirigible expedition. This book is dedicated to that expedition.
Loris-Melikov, born in Paris, had limited information available about his background, but he hailed from an ancient noble family that held a prominent position within Georgia's aristocratic society. He pursued his education at Petrograd University and later became a professor at the Hydrometeorological University, as well as a senior specialist in the Central Propaganda Bureau. In 1933, he was arrested and subsequently exiled.
In 1940, four years after his passing, Loris-Melikov's name appeared in the Case of Rosicrucianism, which concerned an underground mystical organization. This revelation provides insight into his affiliation as a mystical anarchist.

Provenance: Emiliy Mindlin (1900-1981), poet and journalist.

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