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Malyshko, Andrey

Beyond the Blue Sea. Ukrainian poet in the USA.

Beyond the Blue Sea. Ukrainian poet in the USA.

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Illustrated covers / Poetry / Translations / Ukraine
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Malyshko, A. [Beyond the Blue Sea]. Za Sinim Morem. 

Translated from Ukrainian.

Moskva, Sovetskii pisatel, 1950. 
12mo, 143 pp.

In original hardcover.
In good condition, corners lightly bumped.

One of 10 000 copies printed.

Ukrainian poet Andrey Malyshko (1912-1970) penned these verses after his visit to the USA and Canada in 1950, a time when the World War II alliance between Russia and the USA had become a distant memory. The full-blown Cold War dominated the political landscape, and there were no traces of their former friendship evident in the verses.
It's worth noting that David Samoylov (1920-1990), one of the most prominent Russian poets of the post-war era, made an early appearance with his translation efforts in this book. He contributed five translated verses for the book.

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