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Mindlin, Emily

Krasin in the Ice. Author's copy in Tatar language.

Krasin in the Ice. Author's copy in Tatar language.

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Mindlin, Em. [Krasin in the Ice]. Krasin ʙoz vatqьcь. 

In Tatar language.  
[Designed by P. Suvorov].

Qazan [Kazan], Tatgosizdat, 1935. 
8vo, 32 pp., ill.

In original illustrated wrappers.
Near good condition, small losses to spine and wrapper edges.

Rare. One of 15 100 copies printed.

The Soviet icebreaker "Krassin" played a significant role in the rescue operation of Umberto Nobile's North Pole expedition, with writer Emily Mindlin (1900-1981) among its crew members.
The original edition of Mindlin's novel was published in Russian in 1929 and later republished in various languages across the Soviet Union.
This edition is presented in Jaᶇalif, which was the first Latin alphabet implemented during the Latinization campaign in the Soviet Union during the 1930s. Jaᶇalif was adopted as the official script for the Tatar language by Tatarstan officials in July 1927. It remained in use for 12 years before being replaced by the Cyrillic alphabet between 1938 and 1940.

We couldn't trace any copy of this edition in the USA or European libraries via OCLC.

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