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Mindlin, Emily

It Can't Be! Author's copy in Karachay-Balkar.

It Can't Be! Author's copy in Karachay-Balkar.

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Mindlin, Em. [It Can't Be!]. Bolurƣa Bolmaz! 

In Karachay-Balkar.
Translation by Khalilova Kemiskhan.

Narsana [Kislovodsk], Qaracaj oblnasizdat, 1934. 
8vo, 31, [1] pp., ill.

In original illustrated wrappers.
Near very good condition, edges sun-tanned, light wear to wrapper edges.

Very rare. One of 1 430 copies printed.

This story, penned by the esteemed writer Emily Mindlin (1900-1981), revolves around an elderly man who embarks on a journey to witness the construction of the Dnieper Hydroelectric Station, the largest hydroelectric power station on the Dnieper River.
The construction of the station took place in two phases. Initially, DniproHES-1 was built between 1927 and 1932, but unfortunately, it fell victim to destruction during World War II to impede the crossing of the advancing German forces. It was subsequently reconstructed between 1944 and 1950.
Karachay-Balkar is a Turkic language spoken by the Karachays and Balkars residing in the North Caucasus. After the October Revolution, as part of a state initiative to Latinize the Karachay and Balkar languages, educators developed a new alphabet based on Latin letters. This Latin-based alphabet was in use from 1929 to 1939, until it was later replaced by an alphabet based on Cyrillic letters, which was officially adopted.
During the war, both ethnic groups were unjustly accused of aiding the German invaders and were forcibly deported from their ancestral lands within a single day. Regrettably, many books published in the Karachai-Balkarian language using the Latin alphabet prior to the war were destroyed.

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