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Revolutionary Poetry of the Western Ukraine. Advance Reading Copy.

Revolutionary Poetry of the Western Ukraine. Advance Reading Copy.

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Illustrated covers / Poetry / Ukraine
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[Revolutionary Poetry of the Western Ukraine]. Revoliutsіina Poezіia Zakhіdnoi Ukraini = Revoliutsionnaia Poeziia Zapadnoi Ukrainy. 

Title in Ukrainian and Russian. 
Fourth edition, corrected and enlarged.
Translation by V. Kovalevskii, P. Oyfa, V. Smirnova, B. Turganov, N. Ushakov. 
Edited by B. Turganov.
Preface by D. Rudik. 
[Cover design by B. Krukov]. 

[Kiev,] ARP, 1930. 
16mo, 47 pp. 

In original pictorial wrappers. Unopened. With stamp 'Dlia otzyva' [For review] to half-title.
Near very good condition, minor losses to spine extremities, small tear to front cover. 

Rare collection of poems by representatives of the Ukrainian 'Executed' Renaissance.

This collection features Ukrainian poets translated into Russian, including works by Oles Babii (1897-1975), a poet and literary critic who was a member of the literary group 'Mytusa' and the author of the Organization of Ukrainian Nationalists (OUN) anthem; Dmitro Zagul (1890-1944), a poet and translator who was one of the founders of the important literary group 'Zakhіdna Ukraina' (Western Ukraine); Vasyl Bobynsky (1898-1938), a poet who fought in the ranks of the nationalist Sich Sharpshooters and later became a staunch Communist; Meletii Kichura (1881-1938), a poet, translator, and a member of 'Zakhіdna Ukraina'; Oles Osiiuk; and Dmytro Falkivsky (1898-1934), a poet, screenwriter, and translator. Almost all these poets were executed or died in prison during the Great Purge. Only Babii was able to emigrate after World War II and settled in the USA.
It's also important to note that this book emerged during a time when Western Ukraine was under Polish rule, leading to discrimination against many Western Ukrainian writers and poets, prompting their emigration. In 1925, in the Soviet Ukrainian capital of Kharkov, a literature organization of peasant writers called 'Plug' ('Plow') was formed, from which the 'Zakhіdna Ukraina' group emerged. This group's main goals included championing the struggles efforts in Western Ukraine, propagating the achievements of the Soviets, and preparing for the reunification of Western Ukraine with the Ukrainian SSR. Additionally, 'Zakhіdna Ukraina' actively protested against the repressive measures imposed by the Polish authorities on Ukrainian nationalist activities, particularly intensifying towards the late 1920s and into the 1930s, during which some organizations were banned. In 1930, a military and police pacification campaign ensued, resulting in numerous arrests, widespread brutality and intimidation, and the destruction of property. Regrettably, many members of 'Zakhіdna Ukraina' faced repression in the later years.
The poems were translated and published by members of the Association of Russian Writers ('ARP'), which was established by Russian writers in Kyiv in 1926 and renamed 'Kommuna Pisatelei' ('Commune of Writers') in 1930. Among the members of the association who prepared this book were poets and writers Nikolai Ushakov (1899-1973), Viacheslav Kovalevskii (1897-1977), Petr Oyfa (1907-1987), Boris Turganov (1901-1980), and Vera Smirnova (1898-1977).
In contrast to the first edition, which appeared in 1929, this edition includes a new preface by Dmitro Rudik (1893-1955), a publicist, journalist, and an active member and deputy of the head of 'Zakhidna Ukraina'. In 1933, he was arrested and sentenced to exile in the Far East. He was not released until 1953 and died two years later in Kyiv.

We couldn't trace any copy of this edition in OCLC. The first edition, published in 1929, is held in the Stanford University Library.

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