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Rynin, Nikolai

The Aeroplane.

The Aeroplane.

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Rynin, N.A. [The Aeroplane]. Aeroplan.

Second edition, greatly enlarged.
With 50 illustrations.
Series Entsiklopediia Neobkhodimykh Znanii.

Moskva-Leningrad, Izdatelstvo “Molodaya gvardiya”, 1924.
8vo, 142, [2] pp., ill.

In original wrappers. Partly unopened.
In good condition, wrappers somewhat toned, small losses to spine, with small tears to wrapper edges, tear at front cover reenforced with sticky tape to back side, small losses to some pages edges.

Rare. One of 5 000 copies printed. 

The author of the book is Nikolai Rynin (1887-1942), a Russian aerospace scientist, engineer, and advocate of space travel.
This popular science book is centered around the development and achievements in aviation and airplanes. Rynin explores various aspects of heavier-than-air aircraft, including gliders, monoplanes, ornithopters, and helicopters. He sheds light on the pioneers of early aviation, such as Otto Lilienthal, Wolfgang Klemperer, and Raul Pateras-Pescara, among others. The book delves into the structural aspects of airplanes and categorizes them into different types: low-powered aircraft (including the Budig airplane, the English Electric Wren ultralight monoplane, the Pegna-Bonmartini Rondine ultralight sport airplane, the Dewoitine aircraft, and the Gnosspelius Gull ultralight monoplane), as well as average and high-powered aircraft (encompassing Rene Tempier’s aeroplane, Fokker aircraft, Junkers monoplane, Handley Page biplane, Vickers airplane, Bleriot 115 biplane airliner, Sikorsky aircraft, 'Barling Bomber', Farman aeroplane, Bristol Pullman aircraft, Aeromarine seaplane aircraft, and the Caproni flying boat, among others).
The final section is dedicated to air traffic, covering topics such as airmail in Russia and the USA, night flights, and Rynin’s personal impressions from the Moscow-Konigsberg flight, which marked the first airline service in the USSR. Additionally, the book discusses the historic Vickers Vimy flight, which achieved the first non-stop crossing of the Atlantic Ocean in June 1919.

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