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The Solovetsky Islands. No 2, September 1929. Avant-garde in prison.

The Solovetsky Islands. No 2, September 1929. Avant-garde in prison.

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[The Solovetsky Islands]. Solovetskie Ostrova. No 2, September 1929.

[Solovki camp], USLON, 1929.
8vo, 56 pp., ill.

In original illustrated wrappers.
In good condition, wrappers worn, losses to spine, small tears to cover, stained.

Very rare. One of 600 copies printed.

'The Solovetsky Islands' magazine, initially known as SLON, served as the official publication of the management of the Solovetsky Special Purpose Camps. It was published intermittently during the years 1924-1926 and 1929-1930. The inaugural issue, limited to just 17 copies, primarily featured political articles but later expanded to include poems, essays, and tales, most of which were written by prisoners themselves. The magazine was overseen by leaders of the OGPU and aimed to showcase the re-educational efforts directed towards the enemies of the nation. It was not only distributed within the Soviet Union but also circulated internationally.
Notably, the typography of the magazine was crafted in an avant-garde style, deviating from the conventional approach seen in similar publications. In addition to original works, the issue included translations from Ovid's 'The Metamorphoses' and an excerpt from Shelley's 'Ode to the West Wind' (in English). Some of the authors featured in this edition were executed in 1938.

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