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Ushinskiy, K.

Little Tales. The only edition of these illustrations.

Little Tales. The only edition of these illustrations.

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Ushinskiy K. [Little Tales]. Pobasenki.

Series Knizhka-malyshka.
Illustrations by E. Krimmer.

Moskva, Detizdat TsK VLKSM, 1941.
48mo, [12] pp., ill.

In original illustrated wrappers.
In good condition, wrappers worn, small stains.


The book "Pobasenki" is enriched with enchanting illustrations by Eduard Krimmer (1901-1974), a versatile artist renowned for his skills in graphic art, illustration, and theatrical and cinema design. Krimmer's artistic journey was marked by his involvement with Kazimir Malevich's Circle in 1928, where he forged his own creative path guided by unique principles.
However, the early 1930s brought tumultuous times, with the arrests of prominent figures such as Kazimir Malevich, Daniil Kharms, Alexander Vvedensky, Vera Yermolaeva, and many others. In the wake of these events, Krimmer made the painful decision to destroy most of his paintings. Tragically, some of those connected to the arrests faced dire consequences, with some executed or perishing in prison.
In the face of adversity, Eduard Krimmer persevered, as Alisa Poret and Elena Safonova, and underwent a profound artistic transformation. After a decade of silence, this edition stands as Krimmer's first published work.

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